Drugstore Delivery In Ft. Lauderdale FL Becomes Competitive Market

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Drugstore Delivery

Even while leaders in the nation’s capital continue the struggle of deciding on a workable model for health care delivery there has become a growing trend for nasdaq recognized and independent branded pharmacies running the race of competitive pharmaceutical home delivery services in south florida.

A pharmaceutical delivery driver is responsible for transporting pharmaceuticals over roadways using a vehicle that, when combined with the passengers and load, weighs less than 26,000 pounds. These vehicles are classified as light trucks. Pharmaceutical delivery drivers will inspect their vehicle each day to make sure that the oil level is good, lights are working and that the tires are properly inflated. They are responsible for reporting any mechanical concerns. They are also responsible for the cleanliness of their vehicle. Pharmaceutical delivery drivers load their vehicle with the cargo they’re transporting, drive to designated locations, unload the cargo, and may be required to get a signature to confirm delivery. They must follow all traffic laws and delivery cargo promptly.

Source: * U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Are the Job Duties of a Pharmaceutical Delivery Driver?

As a pharmaceutical delivery driver, you transport medications and medical supplies to patients in their homes, as well as to businesses and hospitals. You’re responsible for managing your inventory, including taking accurate counts of products, maintaining a log of deliveries and keeping products in good condition. You may also collect payments, put together orders based on delivery slips and organize slips and products according to location. To avoid multiple same-day visits and extra mileage, pharmaceutical delivery drivers need to make sure that deliveries of medications and other health goods are accurate.

You should have excellent driving skills to navigate roadways safely and to make deliveries on time. If your truck breaks down, you may have to make repairs. It’s also your duty to keep your truck in good general condition.

What Requirements Must I Meet?

According to job ads on CareerBuilder.com, employers usually require a high school diploma, customer service skills, a clean driving record, experience making deliveries and the ability to pick up heavy packages. Some positions may require a commercial driver’s license, but many positions use light trucks that don’t require a special license. Additionally, some employers may ask for proof of automobile insurance. Employers may want you to have knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry such as medications types, medical devices and medical terminology.