Free Pharmacy Delivery Ft Lauderdale

Bailey's Pharmacy provides free pharmacy delivery in Ft. Lauderdale. At first, it may seem that medication delivery is only a matter of convenience. Truthfully, many benefits come from free pharmacy delivery. This service is especially beneficial for people who take more than one medication and or suffer from chronic medical conditions.

Let's look at some of the ways Bailey's Pharmacy helps our customers by providing free pharmacy delivery in Ft. Lauderdale:

1) Convenience

Although convenience isn't the most important benefit of free pharmacy delivery, it's the most obvious, for reasons that hardly need to be stated. Having your medication delivered to you (to your home, to your place of business, or to your physician's office) eliminates your need to make an extra trip, saving you precious time and gas money.

2) Better Medication Adherence

Medication adherence isn't as easy as it sounds for some people. People who take multiple medications have multiple doses to remember every day, numerous sets of instructions to follow every day, and different times throughout the day at which prescribed medicines are to be taken. Adding to the difficulty of medication adherence is the need to monitor your medication and remember when to refill. Thankfully, Bailey's Pharmacy has alleviated these problems for our customers.

We offer free pharmacy delivery in Ft. Lauderdale that will help you better adhere to your medication therapy. Bailey's Pharmacy will pre-sort your medicine into a single easy-to-tear package with relevant information, such as dosage instructions printed on the packaging. Simply take the medication and wait for the next one to come.

3) Better Medication Accuracy

We offer free pharmacy delivery in Ft. Lauderdale that is safe, reliable, and accurate. We utilize only the most sophisticated computer software technologies and protocols to guarantee that all of our deliveries are 100% accurate every time. Exactly how reliable is our free delivery service?
The extra time and care that goes into the verification process for medication delivery pay off. For example, a recent study indicates that prescriptions filled in-house are subject to a higher rate of error. The study found that a mistake occurs roughly 1 in every 50 to 1 in every 100 prescriptions filled in the pharmacy. With home delivery, the error rate is less than 1 in 1000.

4) Decreases Medical Waste

Having less medical waste is excellent for the environment, and it's also great for your health and your wallet. Receiving free pharmacy delivery in Ft. Lauderdale means you will get the correct medication in the proper dosage every time, so you never have more than what you need, and you never forget to take your medicine. You'll never have an accumulation of pills.

5) Cost-Effective

Did you know that non-adherence leads to more than $100 billion of additional medical expenses for people every year? Our free delivery service ensures that you will take only the medications you need, and you're less likely to face expenditures for medication error.

Since we offer free pharmacy delivery in Ft. Lauderdale, there's no cost to you. You will gain the benefits of convenience, better adherence, better accuracy, less medicinal waste, and big savings. What do you have to lose? Contact Bailey's Pharmacy today and discuss your free pharmacy delivery in Ft. Lauderdale.

Free Pharmacy Delivery Ft Lauderdale