Free Pharmacy Delivery Orlando

What would free pharmacy delivery in Orlando mean to you? If you’re like many others living in the Orlando community, it could mean the difference between going out following a medical procedure and getting the rest your doctor prescribed for you. Whether you want to avoid standing in a long line to have your prescription filled or you’re looking for a pharmacy with a small town feel, Bailey’s Pharmacy is able to meet your needs.

The Bailey’s Pharmacy Advantage

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the same, family-valued pharmacy services you probably remember from a few decades ago. While most pharmacies have long stopped the practice of delivering medications, we feel it’s of our best interest to continue delivering to our customers- and to your best interest as well.

Greater Accuracy

Whether you’re taking a maintenance medication or have been prescribed a medicine for short-term use, you’ll find we are able to provide a higher level of accuracy in terms of medication and dosage when compared with a pharmacy that only offers pick-up service. Studies have consistently found that home delivery not only eliminates the need to drive to the pharmacist, but it also decreases the chances that your prescription will go unfilled or that you’ll miss a number of days taking your medication.

Experience All of the Benefits

Medical experts agree that when implemented properly, free pharmacy delivery in Orlando and other big city areas result in:

  • Greater Savings to Customers
  • Improved Medication Adherence
  • Improved Safety
  • More Convenience
  • Lower Overall Costs

How We Make This Possible

It surprises a lot of people to learn that patients receiving their medications through home delivery are nearly 20 times more likely to have their prescription filled and take the medication as prescribed by their medical provider. That’s a significant increase in adherence to what is being prescribed by doctors.

As well, due to more stringent oversight by the pharmacy, free pharmacy delivery in Orlando has a 99.99% rate of accuracy- which is greatly encouraging to customers. A higher accuracy rate equates to fewer subsequent visits to the doctor’s office or hospital- something we can all agree on as a favorable outcome.

Fewer Medications Going Unused

Medical waste is a serious issue and is one that can be positively impacted when you partner with a local pharmacy that offers free delivery of your prescription medications to your home. Unused pills that are disposed of into our local landfills or water supply can become a threat to the health of our entire community. You can do your part to reduce this threat by opting for home delivery of your medications and taking your prescription drugs as indicated on the bottle and accompanying forms.

Rely on our staff for personalized pharmacy services that continue to be a value to your family year after year. Visit our website’s ‘About Us’ section to learn more about what we can offer you when you make us your hometown pharmacy.

Free Pharmacy Delivery Orlando