Free Pharmacy Delivery South Florida

Why take a closer look at Bailey’s Pharmacy in Ft Lauderdale? We are one of the last hometown pharmacies offering free pharmacy delivery in South Florida. If your pharmacy is not providing customized services, like no-cost delivery of your prescription meds, we can fill the gap that exists between your needs and your current pharmacy’s services.

Trust Us With Your RX

Our staff at Bailey’s Pharmacy believes patients who are being discharged from hospitals and medical facilities belong at home, resting. That’s why we welcome your doctor’s call-in prescription as a convenience to you. Once we have filled your RX, we’ll deliver it right to your door at no additional cost for the delivery- and that’s only the beginning.

We’ll Save You Money

When your prescription is entered into our system, we’ll cross-check your medications within our database to find the lowest price available. If your cost is not already the lowest, we’ll do everything possible to find the same medication at a better price- it won’t affect your copay, and it could save you a significant amount of money on your prescriptions. Does your pharmacy do all that for you without charging you?

Our Signature Neighborhood Service

We believe in building strong relationships with our customers who live in and around the South Florida region. Our Ft Lauderdale location serves a great many neighborhoods within the area, and we consider all of these smaller communities part of our family at Bailey’s Pharmacy.

When you call us or visit our Ft Lauderdale location, one of the first things you’ll notice is our commitment to making you feel valued as a customer in our pharmacy. That feeling of value is evidenced in everything we do, from providing free pharmacy delivery in South Florida to ensuring our in-store shelves are always well-stocked with the drug store items you need.

Big Name, Small Feel

Our name is synonymous with family values- and nothing speaks value louder than offering individual service to each and every customer who walks through our doors. Whether you need advice on an OTC medicine or want to set up prescription refills with free pharmacy delivery in South Florida, we are here to streamline the experience and take the hassle out of being served.

Trust Us For Accuracy

Studies have consistently shown that pharmacies offering home delivery services are able to achieve greater accuracy in filling medications. You can place your trust in our professional staff at Bailey’s Pharmacy, knowing you’ll be getting the correct medication, dosage, and dosage forms every time we bring your prescription to your door.

There are numerous reasons to choose us as your family’s hometown pharmacy. Free pharmacy delivery for South Florida residents is just one of the many reasons locals turn to us for reliable, compassionate, and personalized service. Feel free to type our name into your preferred pharmacy directory to see what others are saying about our services and customer satisfaction.

Free Pharmacy Delivery South Florida