Independent Pharmacy South Florida

If you're looking for an independent pharmacy in South Florida, that offers all the amenities and benefits of a corporate pharmacy, but still gives you the personal touch that only an independent pharmacy can offer, choose Bailey's Pharmacy. We have multiple locations throughout the state, but we still have the feel of an independent pharmacy in South Florida. Our commitment to service, cost-effective customer solutions, and interpersonal relations set us apart from our competition.

The Difference Between Corporate Pharmacies and Independent Pharmacies

There are plenty of differences between the two types of pharmacies. The most noticeable difference is that chain pharmacies tend to have more of a corporate or retail feel whereas independent pharmacies usually have a more personalized setting. In an independent pharmacy setting, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are often empowered to make decisions regarding customer care that might be outside of the box. Unfortunately, chain pharmacies are usually tightly managed by rigid rules that can't be bent, even when common sense comes into play.

Chain pharmacies are typically concerned with policies, procedures, profits, and shareholders. Not surprisingly, it isn't an uncommon complaint that patients feel left behind in corporate pharmacies, and that is why many make the change to independent pharmacies, such as Bailey's Pharmacy.
In an independent pharmacy, the staff usually knows their customers by their first names. Staff members often know the spouses and children of their customers; they know which medications their customers take by heart; they know the customer's physicians and insurance providers; they are aware of customer allergies and are overall more familiar with everyone who works through their doors.

Who We Are

Bailey's Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy in South Florida that's family-owned and able to tailor our pharmaceutical services to each customer's unique needs. Because we have many of the advantages of a corporate pharmacy, we're able to offer similar services. We may not have as vast of a network of resources as Walgreens does, but Bailey's Pharmacy is still able to provide more products and services at lower prices.
It's Our Customizable Pharmaceutical Services that Distinguish Us

Bailey's Pharmacy is the one independent pharmacy in South Florida that distinguishes itself via its services. For example, Bailey's Pharmacy offers free one-time or routine delivery of both prescription and over-the-counter medications, compounding, patient charge accounts, immunization, and other pharmaceutical services. We can give you more than what corporate pharmacies can offer without the saturated bureaucracy that bogs down the healthcare landscape today.

Bailey's Pharmacy is the best independent pharmacy in South Florida partially because we are in tune with what the community wants and needs. We've created a fluid pharmacy concept, unlike corporate pharmacies who chase profits by robotically cranking out as many prescriptions as possible.

Experience the Difference of An Independent Pharmacy

Give us a call or stop by one of our many locations, and see why we are widely considered to be the best independent pharmacy in South Florida.

Independent Pharmacy South Florida