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Bailey's Pharmacy is a unique LTC RX pharmacy in Orlando, and we specialize in providing different kinds of effective LTC pharmacy solutions tailored the individual needs and the settings of each facility we serve. Our services are designed to make long-term care facilities operate at optimal levels and help them to provide their patients with the highest degree of care possible.

The Need for LTC Pharmacy Solutions

What makes Bailey's Pharmacy the number one LTC RX pharmacy in Orlando is that we understand the need for LTC pharmacy solutions in today's LTC market. To understand the need for LTC pharmacy solutions in today's market, you first have to understand the history of patient dosing. Patient dosing used to be bulky and clumsy, which gave way to the rise of blister packs. However, blister packs are deficient and lack accuracy, although they are a marked improvement from patient dosing methods of antiquity.

Modern Patient Dosing Solutions

In today's LTC pharmaceutical world, the need for new and improved patient dosing solutions has arisen, and Bailey's Pharmacy is on the cutting-edge of the industry, offering the best resolution. We have some solutions that your LTC facility can implement to streamline your workflow, personalize patient medications, increase therapeutic results achievement, and make everyone's life easier overall. Consider some of our unique packaging designs.

Patient Zip Packs

One of the LTC pharmacy solutions we offer is custom zip pack medicine dispensing. Zip packs can be readily distributed from a shelving system installed in your medication room, creating accuracy and limiting waste. Patients and their families will feel more secure knowing that their medicines are being accurately administered, and you'll save your team a lot of time, errors, and headaches.

Indeed, as the best LTC RX pharmacy in Orlando, we know how to make your LTC facility more competitive in today's LTC market. In addition to making your facility safer and function optimally, our systems supply a rapid response on medication quotes for potential patients, allowing you to quote and potential admission patients faster than your competition can. Besides, converting to Bailey's Pharmacy's system is easy.

Seamless Integration

When you choose Bailey's Pharmacy to be your LTC RX pharmacy in Orlando, you will receive free equipment, software, and training. At no charge to you, we'll transform your med room and train your staff to properly use our time-saving, safe, and accurate system that eliminates the stress of med passes.
During each med pass, retrieve the patient's zip pack, tear, and administer. There's no unsanitary handling of medication nor fear of improper dosing. Your staff will no longer need to count or track pills in planners, and we'll train your team to use our free software, which gives you the ability to view in real-time patient medication profiles and updates from physicians and pharmacists. Any changes in medications are instantly available.

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Give us a call or send us an email.  We'll come to your LTC facility and talk about your needs.  We'll offer you a quote and give you some ideas of how we can help improve your current systems.  See for yourself why Bailey's Pharmacy is the best LTC RX pharmacy in Orlando.

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