LTC RX Pharmacy South Florida

Bailey's Pharmacy is the number one LTC RX pharmacy in South Florida. Over the years, we have revolutionized the LTC RX pharmacy industry providing unique services that benefit everyone in the facilities we serve, including mostly our patients and their families. The reason we have had so much success as an LTC RX pharmacy in South Florida is that of our focus on helping the facilities we serve to provide better care for their patients and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Bailey's Pharmacy Improves Patient Care Starting with Packaging

One of the simple things we do differently begins with our packaging system. As a reliable and practical LTC RX pharmacy in South Florida, we understand that it's sometimes the smaller things that matter most. For this reason, we've made our packaging safer and easier to use for everyone involved. Even the newest member of your LTC facility can safely administer the proper drugs in the appropriate doses to the correct patients with our original packaging system. We'll send you bubble packs as frequently as you specify for your residents with a picture of the patient, a picture of the prescribed medication to decrease the chances of mistakes, and an individual barcode that makes all of our medications computer-scanned. Our unique packaging system is safer and, more comfortable to use than traditional medication packages.

Viable Solutions for LTC Facilities

As the number one LTC RX pharmacy in South Florida, Bailey's Pharmacy provides a vast array of practical solutions for assisted living and skilled nursing homes as well as other LTC facilities. For example, when you partner with Bailey's Pharmacy, you'll get access to a 24x7 pharmacists, timely on-call service, and an experienced pharmacist available for consultation service, and anytime chart reviews. All of this in addition to the guaranteed timely delivery of emergency and routine medicines and many other perks.

Personalized Medication

Cutting-edge technology is changing the way medications are being prescribed. Indeed, there is a new form of genetics-based mediation prescriptions. How does it work?

Just as a gene controls the color of a person's eyes or hair, so too does a gene control how a person's body reacts to specific drugs. Nowadays, medicine can be prescribed based on family history, medical history, and individual genetic profiles. Yes, indeed! Genetics can now be used to manage medications, providing a means for safer and more effective prescriptions. Ask us about personalized medicine today if you'd like to learn more.

We'll Help You Get Your Transfer Patients Setup

As an experienced LTC RX pharmacy in South Florida, Bailey's Pharmacy understands that many of the facilities we serve often receive patients from other institutions who don't yet have their Medicaid or Medicare insurance set up. In such instances, we'll help you through the process of getting your patients set up while assuring that your patients never miss medications waiting for the completion of their insurance setup. This service can relieve stress for both the care provider and the patient so they can focus on what they need to focus on.

LTC RX Pharmacy South Florida