LTC RX Pharmacy Vero Beach

Bailey's Pharmacy is an LTC RX pharmacy in Vero Beach that is committed to the long-term care facilities we serve. By taking the time to know our clients and build close relationships with the staff and residents of such facilities, we're able to tailor our LTC pharmacy services to accommodate each facility's individual needs and setup. Ultimately, along with saving money and streamlining workflow, our goal is to help every LTC facility we partner with to provide a higher standard of patient care for their residents. One of the ways we achieve that goal is by implementing better dispensing systems.

Bailey's Pharmacy Dispensing Systems

One of the reasons Bailey's Pharmacy is the preferred LTC RX pharmacy in Vero Beach is because our dispensing systems have been proven to save time and money. The additional time allows nurses to get to know their residents better, and additional resources will open up new possibilities for institutions to improve their operations.

Multi-Dose Pouches

While traditional blister packs seem to work for many LTC facilities, many have found that our convenient multi-dose pouches are a significant improvement to med dispensing. Our multi-dose packages clearly display the following information:

⦁ patient's name
⦁ day
⦁ date and time of administration
⦁ medication name and description
⦁ lot number
⦁ expiration
⦁ barcode

Overall, our multi-dose pouches simplify medication management. With our easy-tear multi-dose packages, all your nurses have to do is tear the pouches open, dump the contents into a cup, and administer the contents to the resident. As your LTC RX pharmacy in Vero Beach, we'll help your nurses keep their med carts clean and organized; we'll reduce the risk of human error, and we'll provide you with a more sanitary method of med dispensing. Further, we'll make your med pass quicker and less stressful for both your staff and your residents.

In addition to saving much needed time and money for our LTC partners, our multi-dose pouches are perfect for medications requiring short-cycle dispensing. To help your facility remain in compliance with short-cycle regulations, we offer our partners custom short-cycle dispensing options. Common short-cycle dispensing options include a 14-day cycle, a 7-day cycle, and a 4-3 cycle. Talk to us about your short-cycle dispensing needs, and we'll find a solution for you.

Blister Packs

Though blister packs are becoming less popular these days, we still offer bubble packs for bedside dispensing. As the best LTC RX pharmacy in Vero Beach, our clients appreciate that Bailey's Pharmacy offers med dispensing choices. We realize that some of our clients are comfortable with blister packs and may not be ready to make the change to multi-dose pouches.

Our blister packs can be ordered for 30-day or 31-day fills per customer request. Resident meds can be ordered on cycle to automate dispensing. Every month, your patients' meds will be dispensed automatically, saving you the hassle of having to refill each medication as needed.

Further, any meds that require short-cycle dispensing can be sent automatically, giving your staff more time for one-on-one interactions with your residents. Easy dispensing and less time ordering medication means your nurses will be able to get to know your residents on a personal level.

LTC RX Pharmacy Vero Beach