LTC RX Refills South Florida

Bailey's Pharmacy is available 24/7 for your LTC RX refills in South Florida. Of course, we offer free delivery to the long-term care facilities we serve. Further, we can automate your prescription refills so your staff can focus more on patient care. When you partner with us, you can select a refill cycle and delivery schedule and forget about it. Indeed, Bailey's Pharmacy goes above and beyond to make the process ordering and receiving your LTC RX refills in South Florida a breeze.

Our Pharmacists are Available 24/7

Part of a reliable LTC RX prescription refill and delivery program involves having access to pharmacists 24x7x365. Our pharmacists are available around the clock to answer any questions or address any concerns you or your staff might have about your medications or anything that pertains to the services we provide for your facility. We'll work with your team, your patients, and your patients' families to ensure safety and proper medication dispensing.

Choose Your Custom Packaging

We offer traditional blister packaging. Our blister packs have one medication per card for simplicity's sake. You may choose from two different card size options, and our blister packs are designed for easy medication punchout. Additionally, our blister packs serve as great visuals that will help your caretakers see if the medication has already been administered for that day. Further, each blister pack comes with a conveniently reorder sticker.
Ask our staff about our other packaging options that can save your staff time, save your facility money, and make the lives of everyone a lot less stressful. When you get your LTC RX refills in South Florida, choose the custom packaging that suits your facility's needs.

Bailey's Pharmacy Offers Free Delivery

Bailey's Pharmacy is the reliable pharmacy to trust for your LTC RX refills in South Florida. We'll even automate your prescription refills at your behest so that you don't have to worry about ordering each month. We'll take care of it for you. Merely select a refill schedule that works for you, and you will do the rest.

Refills can be delivered to your facility at a frequency that suits your needs.

  • Daily delivery
  • 7-day delivery
  • 14-day cycle
  • 30-day cycle
  • 31-day cycle
  • Emergency delivery and late night delivery available

Bailey's Pharmacy Has More Flexibility

As an independently and locally owned LTC pharmacy, Bailey's Pharmacy is more nimble and adaptable to the ever-changing landscapes of the LTC and healthcare industries than many of the large corporate pharmacies we compete with are. We operate without the restrictive corporate oversight that often limits patient care and effectively serves as a pharmaceutical restraint.

Having more freedom and an empowered pharmacy staff enables us to personalize our care and tailor our services to the distinct needs of the facilities we serve. We also work directly with residents and their families, as well as their insurance companies and physicians, to better synchronize and coordinate medication dispensing and other pharmaceutical services. Less corporate oversight allows Bailey's Pharmacy to be more involved in the facilities and the communities we serve.

LTC RX Refills South Florida