Medication Delivery Ft Lauderdale

When it comes to medication delivery in Ft Lauderdale, there’s only one name that is synonymous with service. Bailey’s Pharmacy is still serving the greater Ft Lauderdale and South Florida region with hometown ideals that never go out of style. If you’re looking for a pharmacy that can till your maintenance medicines or urgent RX prescriptions, consider Bailey’s.

Filling prescription meds is only part of what we are known for at Bailey’s Pharmacy. Once filled, we can offer free medication delivery in Ft Lauderdale for both residents and medical facilities across the community. That’s just our way of showing customers how much they mean to us- and how far we are willing to go to deliver exceptional service, right to your door.

Doctor Approved Delivery

Local doctors and medical professionals love our free delivery service for one very important reason: Medicines that are delivered are several times more likely to be taken as directed by a doctor- and that’s good news for patients who rely on prescriptions that must be taken on time every day for long-term. Not having to worry about running out of medicine is one less hassle involved in taking care of your health.

Patient Approved Reliability

Did you know that when prescriptions are delivered from pharmacy-to-door, they are 99.9% accurate in dosage and type of medication? At Bailey’s Pharmacy, we’ll make certain you receive the correct medicine and the correct dosage as prescribed by your doctor- every time.

Post-Illness, Post-Accident

There’s no reason to go out to a pharmacy to pick up your medication- simply ask your doctor to call in your RX to Bailey’s Pharmacy, or call us to request a medication transfer. Our professional pharmacists will fill your RX and offer free medication delivery in Ft Lauderdale- so you can get the prescribed rest you need without having to leave your home. If you happen to need medical supplies from our pharmacy, we can deliver them for free along with your medication.

Why the Others Won’t Delivery

Old-fashioned values are something we still believe in at Bailey’s. While more and more local pharmacies are moving away from offering basic services, like free medication delivery, even though customers request such services, we are still striving to meet the needs of our customers in ways that continue to show what we are made of.

Ft Lauderdale has spoken- and we hear you loud and clear: as long as our customers respond favorably to free medication delivery in Ft Lauderdale, we’ll continue offering this valuable service without counting the costs to our bottom line. We feel strongly that the needs of our customers outweigh all other factors.

Call Bailey’s Pharmacy in Ft Lauderdale to find out how we can meet your pharmaceutical needs. We are proud to stock a wide range of drug store necessities, including snacks and cold drinks, beauty and OTC healthcare items, groceries, sundries, seasonal outdoor items, and much more.

Medication Delivery Ft Lauderdale