Medication Delivery Vero Beach

If you're like many people who live, work and play in the Vero Beach area, you lead a very busy life. Between work, housekeeping, community projects and social obligations, you may not have time to make a special trip to pick up essential prescriptions at a pharmacy. That's one reason why Bailey's Pharmacy is pleased to offer no-cost, on-time medication delivery in Vero Beach.

The concise history of prescriptions and pharmacies

Archaeologists have unearthed fascinating evidence that indicates human use of prescription medications that date back many thousands of years. Sumerian physicians prescribed medications by writing on cuneiform tablets. Ancient Greek physicians advised patients to take certain medications. Physicians in 2100 B.C. Mesopotamia etched prescriptions onto clay tablets, and long-ago Egyptian doctors wrote prescriptions on papyrus. Chinese doctors provided prescription medications as long ago as the Han Dynasty.

In long-ago Europe, monks cultivated many medicinal herbs that were used to treat a variety of maladies. In the 13th century, specialty shops started selling tinctures, potions, salves and other medicines to townsfolk and might be considered a precursor to today's modern pharmacies.

The first American retail pharmacy was founded in Philadelphia in 1729. Not long after that, Dr. John Morgan became the first hospital pharmacist, according to Medical Daily magazine. The first American college of pharmacy was founded in Philadelphia in 1821. Just before the turn of the 20th century, an Atlanta pharmacist by the name of John Pemberton patented a formula that he touted to cure many ailments. It was not a great medicine, but that formula became what we know as Coca-Cola today.

Today, there are some 300,000 licensed pharmacists and at least that many pharmacy technicians are working in the US. Many of them are right here in Florida, but not all of them provide free medication delivery in Vero Beach.

Most prescribed medicines in the United States

In the 21st century, more than half of the populace takes at least one prescription medicine every day. Some meds are used for a short time to treat an acute condition. Others are regular prescriptions that benefit health and quality of life. According to MedicineNet, these are some of the most prescribed medication in the US today:

  • Lisinopril to treat high blood pressure and diabetes symptoms
  • Levothyroxine to treat hypothyroidism
  • Azithromycin to treat or prevent infections
  • Metformin to treat Type 2 diabetes
  • Lipitor to treat high cholesterol
  • Vicodin to treat severe pain
  • Amlodipine to treat high blood pressure
  • Amoxicillin to treat or prevent infection

If you take prescriptions medicines as most Americans do, you may be wondering if there's a more natural way to get them than to make a special trip to a local pharmacy. There is. All you have to do is ask your prescribing physician to fax your e-prescription to any Bailey's Pharmacy location. We are proud to be South Florida's premier provider of reliable medication delivery in Vero Beach and surrounding areas.

Medication Delivery Vero Beach