Pharmacy Door Step Delivery Ft Lauderdale

Free pharmacy door step delivery in Ft Lauderdale may seem like an insignificant service to some, but to others, it’s something that provides real value to their everyday life. If you’re still driving down to the local pharmacy to have your prescriptions filled or to pick them up once they’ve been filled, Bailey’s Pharmacy is pleased to offer free city-wide delivery of your medications when you have them filled with us.

Meeting Your Needs

If you’ve ever left a doctor’s office, hospital or medical facility only to stand in a long line at a local pharmacy in order to have a prescription filled you can undoubtedly appreciate pharmacy door step delivery in Ft Lauderdale. Your healthcare provider can call your prescription in to eliminate the need to stand in line- then we’ll deliver your medication right to your door at no cost to you. That’s the kind of service you can expect when you make Bailey’s Pharmacy your hometown pharmacy.

We’re a Good Neighbor

If you’ve lived in the same community with a resident or business for any length of time, there are specific benefits you should expect. Neighbors should be kind and accommodating when you have needs- and we feel it’s our duty as part of the Ft Lauderdale community to provide small town pharmacy services that exemplify the relationship we want to build with our neighbors.

If you’re currently using another pharmacy to fill your prescriptions, we can transfer them to our pharmacy for you at no cost whatsoever- in fact, we’ll do all the legwork in calling around and making the arrangements. In the future, all you have to do is ask your doctor to phone your prescription in to us and in no time, you’ll hear our delivery service at your door with your medications.

Why Choose Bailey’s Pharmacy?

We offer all of the services you’re looking for, with many perks and benefits of making us your own family’s pharmacist. If you need medical supplies, we can deliver them for free with your prescription, so you won’t have to go out when it’s not convenient for you. As well as offering free pharmacy door step delivery in Ft Lauderdale, Bailey’s is pleased to offer additional conveniences as well:

  1. Price Match for your prescriptions at no cost to you. We’ll search our database for a lower cost medication when your prescription comes across our counter, and if we find a better cost, we’ll automatically match it without the lower price impacting your copay.
  2. We carry the pharmaceutical items you’re looking for in our store- whether you’re stopping in for cough drops, sundries, beauty items, or batteries, you’ll find our shelves are always stocked with essentials, snacks, and ice-cold beverages.
  3. Our VIP treatment is not reserved for the few but is our promise to every customer we serve. Give us the opportunity to show you why we have earned a reputation within the Ft Lauderdale community for excellence. Call or stop by soon.
Pharmacy Door Step Delivery Ft Lauderdale