Prescription Pick Up Orlando

No one does prescription pick up in Orlando like Bailey’s Pharmacy- that’s because no pharmacy cares as much about your experience while filling and picking up your medication as we do. Whether you’re filling a maintenance medication or an RX following an illness or surgery, we take our job seriously, to double-check accuracy and make sure you get the correct dosage of your prescribed medicines.

We’re Not All Business

While we are serious about providing the highest quality of service to our customers, we also feel it’s important to offer hometown pharmacy benefits that make sure you feel valued when you stop by our pharmacy. Some of the things you’ll notice at Bailey’s Pharmacy that you won’t find at other local drug stores include:

  • Free prescription deliveries throughout all of Orlando
  • Medical supply deliveries along with prescriptions
  • Full-service pharmaceutical services, including preventive health care services
  • Personalized recommendations for clinical preventive services for your whole family
  • Price Match Guarantee on your medications
  • All insurance plans accepted

We’re Looking Out For You

We price match every prescription that comes across our pharmacy counter in an effort to ensure our customers have access to the lowest prices on medications. In short, we don’t believe you should pay more for your medication than you have to. Trust us with your prescription pick up in Orlando or free delivery of your RX to your doorstep. We’ll go further to ensure your total satisfaction, whatever the costs to our pharmacy.

Many of the prescriptions we fill for customers at Bailey’s Pharmacy are still just $2 and $4 medicines. Can you be certain that your current pharmacy is doing everything they can to keep your RX prices their lowest? If not, you may consider asking us to transfer your prescriptions to us- we’ll do all the work at no cost.

Hassle-Free RX Pick-up

Ask your doctor or medical provider to call your RX in to our location, and we’ll provide hassle-free prescription pick up in Orlando. If you need medical supplies, we have them in stock, along with a wide range of items, from beauty and healthcare supplies to grocery staples and sundries. If you don’t feel like fighting the traffic, just call us, and we’ll bring your medication out to you. Just let us know how we can best meet your needs.

Why We Are Committed to You

Over the years, we’ve seen an increasing number of local pharmacies eliminate such services as free delivery, price match, and preventive healthcare recommendations. In their effort to save money, those pharmacies have compromised on the quality of their customer-pharmacist relationship, something we will never do.

As we listen to the requests and concerns of the Orlando community, we remain dedicated to providing personalized service that is not only of value to our customers but serves as evidence that we remain loyal to our original mission- to provide hometown pharmacy services at affordable prices.

Prescription Pick Up Orlando