Prescription Pick Up South Florida

Experience superior customer satisfaction with Bailey’s Pharmacy’s prescription pick up in South Florida. Trust us with your RX and pick up all of the incidentals you need while you visit our Ft Lauderdale location. We have the items you’re looking for at everyday low prices you can count on- and if you happen to require delivery service of your prescription medications, we can do that as well- at no cost to you.

Why We’re Different

Our free delivery service is one that our customers tell us is of considerable value to them. We see other pharmacies across South Florida making the change to exclude medication delivery, which only fuels our commitment to continue providing lasting value to local residents. When you shop Bailey’s Pharmacy, you’ll always have the option of choosing from delivery or prescription pick up in South Florida- that’s our promise to you.

We Won’t Change

Our unwavering dedication to providing excellence in all we do is evidenced in the customer ratings we receive on our website and other sites across the internet. Type our name into your preferred directory to see what your neighbors are saying about us. You’ll note that many of the reviews for our pharmacy mention the fact that we offer pick up and free delivery of medications and medical supplies- something we are very proud to provide to the community.

Meeting the Growing Needs of Ft Lauderdale

As Ft Lauderdale and its surrounds continue to grow, more and more pharmacies are looking for ways to cut costs, eliminate services, and build more locations throughout the region. They want to be in every place at once, in hopes to gain your business. At Bailey’s, we’d rather earn your business by meeting your needs from our existing locations, which is why we’ll come to you when you need us.

If your doctor has prescribed a medication and suggested that you stay home to rest after an illness, injury, or surgery, we’ll fill your prescription and deliver it right to your door. If you take a maintenance medication, we understand how important it is that you have the right dosage and the right amount of medication on hand- and we’ll go the extra mile to make certain you never run out.

Accuracy You Can Count On

Whether you choose free delivery or prescription pick up in South Florida, you’ll find Bailey’s Pharmacy has a high concern for the accuracy of your medication. Our pharmacists care about what they do and work hard to ensure our customers receive personalized service each and every time they walk through our doors.

If you’ve never been to a Bailey’s pharmacy, we invite you to fill your next RX here by requesting that your doctor call your prescription in to our pharmacy or by calling us to transfer your medications for you; there’s no easier way to experience the benefits of being a Bailey’s customer. Our promise to you is that we’ll make it as simple as possible to fill your medications.

Prescription Pick Up South Florida