Prescription Pick Up Vero Beach

Choose Bailey's Pharmacy for convenient prescription pick up, medical supply purchasing, and absolutely free RX delivery throughout all of Vero Beach. You’ll experience numerous benefits by making us your family’s home town pharmacy- aside from the convenience of having your medications delivered right to your door, we’ll be there when you need us with a wide range of drug store services.

Optional Prescription Pick Up in Vero Beach

It surprises many of our customers to learn they don’t have to make the drive in to our store when they need their prescription. Oftentimes, our customers have received the advice of their doctor to stay at home and get rest. If you’re taking medications that make you sleepy or would simply rather not fight the traffic to get to our drug store, just let us know you’d prefer having your medication delivered- we’ll take it from there.

Medication Delivery is More Accurate

Another big surprise is finding out that having prescriptions delivered to your home means a higher accuracy of both the medication and its dosage; in fact, consumer experts believe the accuracy rating rises to 99.99% when delivered to a patient’s home. There are several key reasons this is the case, the greatest one being, pharmacists double check all RX packages leaving their pharmacy by home delivery.

Bailey’s Pharmacy upgrades your medications to secure blister packs for all home deliveries to ensure your medications are not tampered with en route. This is a service we proudly offer at no additional charge to our customers.

Benefits for Maintenance Medications

If you’re taking a medication that has been prescribed for a particular medical condition, you’re taking a prescription that is known as a maintenance medication and qualifies for on-going free home delivery. The most significant benefit of having a maintenance med delivered is that there is virtually no chance you’ll run out of your medicine. Bailey’s Pharmacy is always one step ahead, with calls to your medical provider when your prescription is nearing the end of its renewal, and delivery on time, every time.

You’ll Always Pay the Lowest Price

One of the signature services you’ll receive when you make Bailey’s your home for free delivery or prescription pick up in Vero Beach is one we refer to as our Price Match policy. As a service to our customers, we cross-check your medication in our database to guarantee you’ll be paying the lowest available price. If we find a price that is lower than ours, we’ll automatically match the price- and it won’t affect your copay in any way.

Pick Up or Delivery- Your Choice

If you choose to pick up your medication, you’ll find we are a pharmacy that is dedicated to carrying a wide range of medical supplies and everyday drug store items. Shop for everything you need under one roof, from beauty products and seasonal casual wear to groceries and sundries. We’ll always do our best to provide the highest level of service to you, whether you come in for your prescriptions or request free home delivery.

Prescription Pick Up Vero Beach