Specialty Pharmacy Orlando

Bailey's Pharmacy is the number one specialty pharmacy in Orlando. Much of what we do involves patient education, medication therapy management (MTM), and patient advocacy. As the best specialty pharmacy in Orlando, Bailey's Pharmacy is committed to providing the best pharmaceutical services to our patients day in and day out. Let's consider three ways we strive to help our patients every day.

Patient Education: As an Orlando specialty pharmacy, we deal with patients who have chronic conditions. We are available 24x7x365 for all of our patients to answer questions and give recommendations. Whether it's an issue pertaining directly to their condition, an issue regarding their treatment, or anything else, Bailey's Pharmacy goes above and beyond to educate our patients. Knowledge is power. At Bailey's Pharmacy, we do all we can to empower our patients to overcome and cope with their illnesses.

Medication Therapy Management: Our MTM pharmacists work hand-in-hand with all of our patients to ensure the following:

  • Any medication-related problems are resolved immediately
  • The patient is achieving optimal results from prescribed medication
  • Dosage is correct at all times
  • No harmful drug interactions for patients taking more than one prescribed medication a time
  • The patient is never paying more than what they should be paying
  • The patient is considering only the medicines he/she needs
  • Any additional over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, or supplements are administered safely and effectively.

Patient Advocacy: Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for insurance companies to deny benefits to even the sickest patients. Whether it's dealing with doctors, insurance companies, long-term care facilities, or anyone else, Bailey's Pharmacy advocates strongly for the best interests of our patients from start to end.

If your insurance benefits are denied, our team will work with your doctors to quickly gather clinical support to make a case for prescribed treatment for insurance reconsideration.

Bailey's Pharmacy Offers Patient Copay Assistance

Another way Bailey's Pharmacy advocates for our patients is in locating funding sources. Bailey's Pharmacy is connected with some of the best government and charitable programs in the nation, and we can help our patients get funding for their copays. Copays often create enormous barriers for our patients when it comes to obtaining prescribed medications. This is true not only of the high copays but of the small ones too.

Many of our patients live on fixed incomes and additional medication, as much as it may be needed, isn't always in their budget. Our focus with copay assistance is to lead patients to programs that cut cost or eliminate their copay.

Giving Our Patients the Tools they Need

Indeed, Bailey's Pharmacy is widely considered to be the best specialty pharmacy in Orlando, partly because we are all about educating and empowering our patients. By providing our patients with adherence tools such as care packs and start kits we help them stay on their therapies and achieve optimal results. Further, Bailey's Pharmacy can deliver to our patient's home, work, physicians office, or anywhere else that's needed. We go above and beyond what other pharmacies offer. We truly are the best specialty pharmacy in Orlando.

Specialty Pharmacy Orlando