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Bailey's Pharmacy has earned the reputation of being the most reliable specialty pharmacy in South Florida. Our reputation was built on the foundational principle of going above and beyond what other pharmacies can offer because we genuinely care about our patients. Indeed, if you're looking for the best specialty pharmacy in South Florida, you need to look no further. Bailey's Pharmacy tailors our pharmaceutical services to the individual needs of our patients.

A Synopsis of What We Do

As the best specialty pharmacy in South Florida, we place a considerable degree of importance on patient care. Every day, we advocate and fight for our patients against greedy insurance companies who dare deny benefits to the sickest of patients. Our patients suffer from complex, chronic conditions, and Bailey's Pharmacy works alongside our patients and their physicians to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve.

Additionally, we place a significant priority on patient education. Whether it's related directly to our patient's illness, medication, or our systems of operations, Bailey's Pharmacy is here to give our patients the knowledge they need to cope with and overcome their conditions.

Free Prescription Delivery

Part of what makes us the best specialty pharmacy in South Florida is our free medication delivery service. Our patients receive incredible convenience, save money, and alleviate much stress with this helpful service. Many of our patients are homebound, bed-ridden, in long-term care facilities or contract facilities, have disabilities, or otherwise can't make the trip to our physical pharmacy.

As the most dependable specialty pharmacy in South Florida, you can rely on our pharmaceutical technicians who make their daily rounds, dropping off medications on schedule every day. Bailey's Pharmacy can make emergency deliveries as needed, and we offer late night prescription delivery for clients who need it. Indeed, our free medication delivery program is available 24x7x365.

Medication Therapy Management

Another part of what makes Bailey's Pharmacy the best specialty pharmacy in South Florida is our exceptional medication therapy management services. Our MTM pharmacists are highly trained and experienced, and we work hands-on with our patients, meaning that we get to know each patient individually no matter how many patients we have.

By getting to know our patients personally, we know how to manage their medications better. Therefore, any time one of our patients experiences a medication-related problem, we are aware and can resolve the issue quickly. By knowing each patient we're able to assess better if they are receiving the intended outcomes of their medication, and we can more astutely watch for harmful drug interactions when the patient is taking more then one drug or supplement at a time. Also, we make sure our patients aren't ever taking more medicine than they need, and we make sure they never pay more than they should.

Contact Us Today

If you would like to transfer your prescriptions to the best specialty pharmacy in South Florida, Bailey's Pharmacy, or would like to learn more about our pharmacy, give us a call or send us an email today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable pharmaceutical technicians will be glad to help.

Specialty Pharmacy South Florida