Specialty Pharmacy Vero Beach

Bailey's Pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy in Vero Beach that operates with a view of what's best for the patients we serve. Our commitment to the health and happiness of our patients is just one of the many reasons why Bailey's Pharmacy is considered to be the best specialty pharmacy in Vero Beach. To that end, we've developed and implemented many effective practices and resources into our operations, such as onboarding packages, free prescription delivery, and late-to-refill phone calls that help keep our patients in line with their medication regimen.

As the number one specialty pharmacy in Vero Beach, Bailey's Pharmacy provides a wide range of specialty pharmaceutical services, including but not limited to:

⦁ Specialty medication and disease states specialties
⦁ Medication therapy management (MTM)
⦁ Medication dispensing
⦁ Patient advocacy
⦁ Long-term care facility pharmacy
⦁ Contract facility pharmacy

Bailey's Pharmacy is a Unique Specialty Pharmacy in Vero Beach

As Vero Beach's best specialty pharmacy, we regularly help our patients mitigate the expensive costs that come with the pricey medications prescribed for rare and complex disease states. As the number one specialty pharmacy in Vero Beach, it should come as no surprise that we are plugged into some of the best government and private charitable programs in the nation, giving us access to funding sources to help our patients with copays and other costly medical expenses.

It's Our Patient Advocacy that Makes Us Stand Out

At Bailey's Pharmacy, we advocate vigorously on behalf of our patients. Not only do we develop close relationships with all of our patients and their physicians, but we also work relentlessly to decrease patient costs. Part of our medication therapy management (MTM) service involves closely monitoring our patient's prescriptions to ensure they're never taking more medicine than they need, never paying more than they should for prescribed medications, and finding additional funding sources to obtain their medications; all of which save our patients considerable money.

As the best specialty pharmacy in Vero Beach, Bailey's Pharmacy partners with some of the best charitable organizations in the United States. Many of our patients need their medications to survive, but the increasing cost and newly prescribed medications just don't fit within their budgets. Whether large or small, our patients can't always afford their copays. That is why we've implemented a program of connecting our patients in need of financial assistance to get help with their copays; just another reason why many consider us the best specialty pharmacy in Vero Beach.

In a nutshell, Bailey's Pharmacy exists to help people with rare and devastating health problems, including the following:

  • Organ failure and transplant
  • Rare genetic disorders
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • and many more

We Plan on Keeping Our Reputation

Every day, our focus is on improving patient is and quality of life for our patients by MTM, patient education, patient advocacy, and other life-enhancing services. Our commitment to our patients and to the communities we serve is that Bailey's Pharmacy will work day in and day out to be the best specialty pharmacy in Vero Beach.

Specialty Pharmacy Vero Beach